Cork – renewable, recyclable and sustainably harvested from Mediterranean cork oak forests – has been used in wine bottles since 1700. But plastic stoppers and screw caps are becoming more popular. Although some are recyclable, most plastic stoppers end up in the sea or in landfill, adding to the unsustainable mountain of waste. Metal screw caps fare little better.
TUNZA has decided to push for change.

It is usually impossible to tell whether a bottle seal hides a synthetic or a natural cork, and it’s not always obvious whether it has a screw top.

We want drinks companies to tell us consumers, on the label of each bottle, what sort of stopper it has – so we can choose to support the environment.

Add your voice to our petition by filling in the form below. We’ll be sending it to drinks companies and major supermarkets, to wine makers, shippers and sellers – and to politicians in the hope that they can add their influence.

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Saving the cork forests helps preserve the world’s resources, reduces waste, encourages biodiversity and helps reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Even if you don’t drink wine, please sign up and help us save the cork forests – and get your parents and friends to sign up too!