No family should start off the New Year hungry.
Before midnight, give lifesaving food.
2015 has been an incredibly difficult year for millions of children and their families around the world who are facing unprecedented levels of conflict and hunger, from Syria to Yemen to South Sudan.

Families are far away from home, and to make matters worse, simply do not know where their next meal will come from. We can’t let them start off the New Year living in such fear and uncertainty…

Just $25 will provide lifesaving food to a hungry family for 10 days —
giving them comfort and peace as they start the New Year >>

Before you begin to celebrate with your own family and friends, please take a moment to think about other families — for whom today means nothing more than another day hungry, cold, and without a home. Make your first donation to the World Food Programme today. Whatever you can spare will make a real difference to a family in need. Thank you.

Best wishes for a peaceful year ahead.

Online Community Manager
World Food Programme