Electronic reading room

The Electronic reading room of the Unesco Group is located in Ιουστινιανού 19 Street in Serres. It welcomes and provides service for computer users who wish to be informed and to utilise the digital library material of Unesco. The reading area has the possibility of providing 2 working stations. Each working station has a personal computer which is linked up to the Internet in order to have feasible and worthwhile reasearch oppurtunitiy on different Unesco and United Nations Websites. The Electronic reading room is accessible during the working hours of Unesco. The users have the possibility to print their researchs. The cost of printing is the same as the cost in the free market. Computer users have also the possibility to download and save their work on the hard disc. Maria Emmanoulidiou is the person responsible for the reading room. Students, researchers and professors have the possibility of collaborating with person in charge in order to discover sources that they want to find using the Electronic Library. Address: Ιουστινιανού 19 62 123 Σέρρες Tηλ: 23 21 0 – 20 59 3
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